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Our Logo was inspired in symbols that we thought to be very meaningful for a wedding and the purpose of our work! They are images that speak from themselves and transmit the steps of a marriage in a clear and elegant way.

The diamond ring is the most popular among the engagement rings and it symbolizes the first step towards the happily ever after;

The wedding rings symbolizes the union of two people that love each other and intend to spend the rest of their lives together;

The Eiffel Tower is a world icon, which refers to Paris, the romance and the much dreamed honeymoon.

We added all those symbols and created our beautiful logo!

Logo Wedding by Cecília
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    Phone: +55 81 99113-1500
    Email: contato@weddingbycecilia.com.br
    Website: www.weddingbycecilia.com.br
  • Testimonials

    • "Cecília helped us from the designing of the wedding up to the last details, always very thoughtful."
      Cibele Souto Maior, Bride
    • "Cecília and Yuri took care of everything with perfection, acted as planned and solved all the unforeseen problems and exceeded our expectations."
      Sandra Farias, Bride
    • "My right hand, my peace of mind, my safety! That is how I describe the way I felt by having Wedding by Cecíila accompanying and guiding my throughout the planning of my wedding."
      Larissa Sales, Bride
    • "In such a special moment, counting with the efficiency and professionalism of you made all the difference."
      Alessandra Lopez, Bride